The Kitchen Season 34 started on May 20, 2023 and had 13 episodes of fun and tasty segments with the hosts and guests.

The hosts of the show are Sunny Anderson, Katie Lee Biegel, Jeff Mauro, Alex Guarnaschelli and Geoffrey Zakarian.

Some of the themes and topics of the episodes are:

  • Simple and yummy dishes with instant upgrade
  • Getting ready for summer with seasonal recipes and tips
  • New gadgets and techniques from the Kitchen’s test kitchen
  • Fun recipes with a twist of controversy
  • Hosts switching roles and cooking dishes in each other’s style
  • Easy and delicious buffet recipes for entertaining
  • Best salad recipes and tips from salad school
  • Hot and spicy new recipes to spice things up
  • Cute and tasty tea party food for a celebration
  • Sweet and surprising dishes for date night
  • Mardi Gras celebration with classic New Orleans recipes
  • Amazing football menu timed out perfectly for the big game
  • Seasonal citrus and winter dishes with a burst of flavor

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The Kitchen Show Season 34 Watch Online

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The Kitchen
Cooking Shows The Kitchen The Kitchen Season 34

The Kitchen S34E01 Watch Free Online

The Kitchen S34E01 Description Instant Upgrades The Kitchen delivers their best secret ingredients and techniques to instantly upgrade any dish. Jeff Mauro rethinks meat and potatoes with his Skirt Steak with Calabrian Chile Chimichurri & Crispy Parmesan Potatoes, while Katie Lee Biegel makes next-level Shrimp Tacos with Habanero & Peach Salsa. Then, Sunny Anderson kicks […]

The Kitchen
Cooking Shows The Kitchen The Kitchen Season 34

The Kitchen S34E02 Watch Free Online

The Kitchen S34E02 Description Countdown to Summer Katie Lee Biegel shares her Jerk-Seasoned Burgers with Coconut Lime Slaw, while Alex Guarnaschelli shakes up a tasty summer cocktail with her Frozen Blue Raspberry Lemonade Cocktail. Then, Geoffrey Zakarian bakes a classic Blueberry Pie, and Jeff Mauro and Sunny Anderson battle it out with Watermelon Pizza two […]