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The Challenge: All Stars Season 4 Episode 10/11/12 Watch Free Online

The Challenge: All Stars Season 4 Episode 10 Description

It Was a Good Jay

After clamoring for a win all season so he could go into the Arena and earn a star, one player puts it all on the line for redemption. A quirky All-Star finds his game at risk again, but retaliates with an unexpected power play.

The Challenge: All Stars Season 4 Episode 11 Description

Live Free or Die Starred

One All-Star fumes when an old friend steals their star at the eleventh hour. TJ upends the game with a shocking twist. The Final challenge kicks off with a wild ride and a shocking elimination checkpoint.

The Challenge: All Stars Season 4 Episode 12 Description

Lone Star

The final eight compete for the $300,000 prize pool, where old rivals face off and new relationships prove crucial as fallen players give their stars away. An All-Star makes a heartbreaking mistake that could cost them the entire game.

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The Challenge: All Stars Show Description

The Challenge: All Stars is a nine-week spin-off which features the return of 22 of the most memorable and recognizable names of The Challenge as they fight for a share of $500,000. The season was filmed in the Andes Mountains of Argentina in February 2021. This is the first season to stream exclusively on Paramount+.

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