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Taskmaster Australia Season 01 Episode 02 Description

In this episode, the contestants must bring in the most satisfying thing to touch, let the cat out of the bag, make an older family member hang up on them, do the bravest thing with a ream of paper, and de-pineapple some pizzas. There is also a thrilling tie-breaker task involving clapping as quickly as possible.

Title context

‘I keep it clean and flowing’ was a statement made by Danielle Walker, when explaining to Nina Oyama why she has never had a UTI.

Assistant Intro

Speaking of ‘job of a lifetime’, look who the work experience people have sent us today. It’s a younger, keener Tom – my assistant, Tom Cashman.

Taskmaster’s Sign-off

Tonight we learned that the best way to find a cat is to look for the sign with a big arrow next to it. We learned that umbrella spokes can kill. And we also learned every single detail about the everyday life and opinions of Luke McGregor’s parents. Most importantly, our episode two winner is Nina. Well done to them.

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Taskmaster Australia Show Description

The first season of Taskmaster AU, consisting of 10 episodes, began airing on Channel 10 And 10 Play on demand on 2 February 2023, and features the contestants Julia Morris, Nina Oyama, Luke McGregor, Jimmy Rees, and Danielle Walker.

Filming for the live studio segments took place at NEP Studios in Eveleigh, New South Wales, between the 5th and 10th of December 2022.

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