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Summer House Season 07 Episode 02 Description

Kyle and Carl finally address their issues; Mya confronts Lindsay over their tense conversation in Los Angeles; Gabby continues her pursuit of a hot prospect; Ciara joins the share house.

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Summer House Show Description

“Summer House” is a popular reality TV show that follows a group of friends as they escape their busy city lives and head to a luxurious summer house in the Hamptons for the season. The show captures the drama, friendships, and romantic relationships that develop over the summer, as the cast members navigate the challenges of living and partying together in close quarters. From explosive fights and unexpected hookups to beach days and backyard barbecues, “Summer House” has something for everyone. Stay up to date on all the latest episodes, recaps, and gossip on our website, where you’ll find exclusive content, interviews with the cast, and more. Join the conversation with other fans to share your opinions and predictions for the next episode, and discover why “Summer House” is the ultimate summer escape for reality TV fans.

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