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With the game entering its final quarter, a secret shield leads to an explosive breakfast. As the players attempt to not get trapped in today’s mission, the remaining Traitors are also hoping they aren’t caught at the Round Table. But will they prevail at such a key stage in the game?

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The Traitors UK Show Descriprion

The Traitors UK is a British reality game show that premiered on BBC One on November 29, 2022. The show is based on the Dutch series De Verraders, and is hosted by Claudia Winkleman. The show features 22 contestants who compete in a series of missions for a chance to win £120,000. However, among them are the Traitors, a secret group of contestants who try to eliminate the others and claim the prize for themselves.

The show has been praised for its suspenseful and thrilling format, as well as its diverse and charismatic cast of contestants. The show has also won an International Emmy for Best Non-Scripted Entertainment in 2021. The show has aired one full series, and a second series is scheduled to film in summer to fall 2023.

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