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St Martins

Host Anthony Burke meets a family aiming to turn a tiny war memorial church into a holiday home in the face of local hopes it would be kept as a venerated public landmark.

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Restoration Australia Season 05

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Restoration Australia Show Description

Restoration Australia is a documentary series that follows the progress and challenges of people who restore heritage buildings in Australia. The series showcases the history, architecture and stories of these buildings, as well as the personal journeys of the owners who are passionate about preserving them.

The series is hosted by architecture professor Anthony Burke, who replaced interior designer Sibella Court in season 4. The series also features architect Stuart Harrison, who provides expert advice and commentary on the restoration projects. The series has been airing since 2015 and has five seasons so far.

The series features a variety of buildings, such as churches, cottages, mansions, schools, pubs and more, from different eras and regions of Australia. Some of the buildings are in ruins, while others are in need of major renovations. The owners have to deal with various issues, such as planning approvals, heritage regulations, budget constraints, structural problems and design choices. The series also explores the historical and cultural significance of the buildings and their impact on the communities.

Restoration Australia is a show that celebrates the beauty and diversity of Australian heritage architecture and the people who are dedicated to saving it. If you are a fan of history, design and renovation, you don’t want to miss Restoration Australia.

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