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The Amazing Race Season 34 Season 12 Description

Iceland → United States

The Only Leg That Matters

  • Flight: Reykjavík (Keflavík International Airport) to Nashville, Tennessee, United States (Nashville International Airport)
  • Lynchburg (Jack Daniel’s Distillery) Pit Start
  • Nashville (Korean War Veterans Memorial Bridge) Roadblock: "Climb and Rappel"
  • Nashville (Gibson Garage)
  • Nashville (Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge, Whiskey Bent Saloon, & Wildhorse Saloon)
  • Nashville (Nashville Municipal Auditorium)
  • Nashville (Ryman Auditorium) Finish Line
Episode summary
  • Teams began the final leg simultaneously at Jack Daniel’s Distillery. There, one team member had to properly label and tag 30 bottles of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey before placing them on a conveyor belt. If the bottles were approved, the other team member had to pack them into boxes in order to receive their next clue, which instructed teams to drive to the Korean War Veterans Memorial Bridge in Nashville in order to find their next clue.
  • Roadblock: "Climb and Rappel" In this season’s final Roadblock, one team member had to climb to the top of the Korean War Veterans Memorial Bridge, 300 feet (91 m) above the Cumberland River, retrieve a Gibson Garage guitar pick, and rappel back down to their partner.
  • At Gibson Garage, teams received their next clue from season 22 and 24 racers Caroline Cutbirth and Jennifer Wayne instructing them to deliver a Gibson guitar to Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge, Whiskey Bent Saloon, and Wildhorse Saloon in order to receive tickets to their destination: the Nashville Municipal Auditorium.
  • At Nashville Municipal Auditorium, teams had to press keys on a floor piano in order to reveal images until they found 11 notes that displayed images from previous legs and then play them in chronological order within 11 seconds. If teams played the notes in the correct order, by performing The Amazing Race theme song, they would receive their final clue directing them to the finish line. The correct images and notes were:
Leg Image Piano note
1 Smash supplies B4
2 Flag of Austria G♯3/A♭3
3 Ducati Panigale V4 C♯2/D♭2
Chisel Roadblock C♯5/D♭5
4 The Treasury D3
5 Amman Citadel F♯4/G♭4
6 Commarque crests A2
7 French horn player E5
8 El Cubo F♯2/G♭2
Ronda postcard F3
9 Landrover G4
  • Teams’ final clue instructed them to find the Mother Church of Country Music: the Ryman Auditorium.
  • Winners: Derek & Claire
  • Second Place: Emily & Molly
  • Third Place: Luis & Michelle

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The Amazing Race Season 34

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The Amazing Race Show Description

The Amazing Race is an American adventure reality game show in which 11 or 12 teams of two race around the world (except the Family edition which featured 10 teams of four). The race is split into legs, with each leg requiring teams to deduce clues, navigate themselves in foreign areas, interact with locals, perform physical and mental challenges, and travel by airplane, boat, taxi, and other public transportation options on a limited budget provided by the show. Teams are progressively eliminated at the end of most legs, while the first team to arrive at the end of the final leg wins the grand prize of US$1 million. As the original version of the Amazing Race franchise, the CBS program has been running since September 2001. Numerous international versions have been developed following the same core structure, while the American version is also broadcast to several other countries.

The show was created by Elise Doganieri and Bertram van Munster, who, along with Jonathan Littman, serve as executive producers. The show is produced by Earthview Inc. (headed by Doganieri and van Munster), Jerry Bruckheimer Television for CBS Studios and ABC Signature (divisions of ViacomCBS and The Walt Disney Company, respectively). The series has been hosted by veteran New Zealand television personality Phil Keoghan since its inception.

Since the inception of the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Reality-Competition Program in 2003, The Amazing Race has won it ten out of fifteen times; the show has also won other awards and commendations. Although it has moved around several prime time slots since its inception, the program has averaged about 10 million viewers per season.

The series was renewed for a 33rd season, but filming on the season was suspended in February 2020 after three episodes due to the COVID-19 pandemic.[2] With new COVID-19 precautions in place, the race completed filming from September to October 2021, and is set to premiere on January 5, 2022

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