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Beat Bobby Flay Season 33 Episode 14 Description

Cheri Takes the Cake

Pastry chef Zac Young and SNL alum Cheri Oteri are the perfect pair to ruin Bobby Flay’s night. They recruit pastry powerhouses Joe Murphy and Laura Ochikubo to turn up the heat.

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Beat Bobby Flay Show Summary

In order to Beat Bobby Flay, you have to get to him first. This new series is the ultimate throwdown-showdown… . Three culinary masters, each with their own signature dish, a dish that they’d stake their reputations on, travel to New York for the chance to challenge Bobby Flay to a head-to-head cook-off of their specialty. But first, these contenders must battle it out to see who has the culinary prowess to ultimately go one-on-one against Bobby on his own turf.

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