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You’re Not the Queen of the Group

Schwartz hatches a half-baked scheme to bring the gang back together, but Ariana sets firm boundaries with everyone regarding her ex-boyfriend’s place in the group. Katie and Scheana make a promise to prioritize their friendship. A shocking admission shakes Lisa Vanderpump to the core. When Tom Sandoval dares to show up at See You Next Tuesday, he and Scheana square off about who’s to blame for their current rift.

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Vanderpump Rules Show Description

“Vanderpump Rules” is a popular reality TV show that follows the lives and drama of a group of young, attractive staff members at Lisa Vanderpump’s famous West Hollywood restaurants, SUR and Pump. The show captures the ups and downs of their relationships, friendships, and work lives, as they navigate the challenges of working in the high-pressure restaurant industry while trying to achieve their dreams. From explosive fights and scandalous hookups to workplace rivalries and personal growth, “Vanderpump Rules” has something for everyone. Stay up to date on all the latest episodes, recaps, and gossip on our website, where you’ll find exclusive content, interviews with the cast, and more. Join the conversation with other fans to share your opinions and predictions for the next episode, and discover all the reasons why “Vanderpump Rules” is the must-watch reality TV show of the year.

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