BBQ Brawl Flay v Symon
BBQ Brawl Flay v Symon BBQ Brawl Flay v Symon Season 04 Cooking Shows

BBQ Brawl Flay v Symon Season 04 Episode 07 Watch Free Online

BBQ Brawl Flay v Symon Season 04 Episode 07 Description

Fancy Schmancy

Captains Bobby Flay, Anne Burrell and Sunny Anderson get saucy servin’ up some wine-infused ‘cue. In the team brawl, the contenders are given prized cuts of meat to create 5-star fancy feasts that’ll knock the judges socks off!

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BBQ Brawl Flay v Symon Season 04

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BBQ Brawl Flay v Symon Show Summary

BBQ Brawl (titled BBQ Brawl: Flay v. Symon during the first season) is an American cooking competition television series that airs on Food Network. The first season aired from August 1 to August 22, 2019; and it was presented by chefs Bobby Flay and Michael Symon. Chefs Moe Cason, Chris Lilly and Amy Mills served as judges.

The series was filmed at the Star Hill Ranch in Bee Cave, Texas. The first season began with eight barbecue chefs in the pilot episode, who were then divided into two teams that were each headed by Flay and Symon. At the end of each episode, one chef from each team was eliminated. The winner in the season finale was awarded the title “Master of ‘Cue”, which was in turn the name of their subsequent series on

The second season added chef and former football player Eddie Jackson as a host alongside Flay and Symon. Chefs Rodney Scott and Brooke Williamson were added in as the new judges along with television personality Carson Kressley. It aired from June 14 to August 9, 2021.

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