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In south Manchester, can Colin and Adele overcome contractor issues, delays and financial ruin to finish the build of their eye-popping curved glass home?

South Manchester

Colin and Adele build a large steel-frame wood-clad curved glass home in an affluent part of south Manchester from October 2018. Colin thinks the 600m² cantilevered build can be finished in a year for £700,000 by using a Latvian construction company, as well as a Swedish architect and Italian interior designers. A disagreement with “the Latvians” causes delay and almost financial ruin. However when Colin’s film production company picks up work again after the pandemic lockdown, he can afford to hire a local construction company and his sister’s window company to finish the job by late Spring 2022, having spent £1.7M.

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Grand Designs Season 23

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Grand Designs Show Description

Grand Designs is a British television series produced by Boundless and broadcast on Channel 4 which features unusual and often elaborate architectural homebuilding projects.

The programme has been presented by Kevin McCloud since it first aired in April 1999, and more than 200 episodes have been broadcast in twenty-two series.

Episodes generally follow a regular format, with small variations depending on the progress of the build. At the beginning of an episode, McCloud meets the clients embarking on the project; he visits the site with them, and discusses the plans for the building. A computer visualisation or computer-aided design view of the intended project is shown. Once ground work commences, he visits the site periodically, following the build progress, noting any changes, hitches or delays; the build frequently runs over budget and completes later than scheduled. McCloud will often do a piece to camera concentrating on any unique materials or features in the house. He visits again once the building is made watertight, and the first and second fixes have commenced. He makes a final visit to the site in its finished or near-finished state, once the occupants have moved in. A tour of the house is then given; McCloud brings the episode to a close summarising the house, its construction, and his opinions.

If a house is not completed before filming finishes, it will sometimes be revisited in a later episode. In more recent series, McCloud revisits past unfinished builds once they have been completed and may stay overnight.

The properties featured in Grand Designs are hugely varied in style and design, from underground homes to converted water towers to buildings constructed in methods of sustainable architecture; the only common factor is that they are all unusual or extravagant. The most popular programme of the series for both Kevin McCloud and viewers was Ben Law’s home with a sweet chestnut frame made from his own woodland, and costing very little. This was broadcast as episode 3 of series 3.

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